What does a yard advisor do?

We are always amazed by the wide range of needs that our clients come up with, but overall these are the most common ones.  You always have the choice to offer help where you are most comfortable or able:

Answer Questions –  We get a range of questions from 'why are my rose leaves turning yellow' to 'can I still save this overgrown bush' to 'what plants would do well on my windy sunny front yard'?  First time homeowners, for example, might not know what plants are already in their yard or how to maintain them.  An experienced gardener might still appreciate brainstorming solutions for a particularly challenging area.  Whatever their yard question is, a yard advisor provides answers and guidance.

Create Plant Lists – Advisors make suggestions of plants that would thrive in a given location, taking into account of light, water, soil composition, function, etc.  Fun projects we have done in the past include choosing a pair of trees for their front entrance,  selecting a mix of perennials that provide continuous color or to refresh an existing flower bed.

Design a Garden– When planting a garden, the location of each plant is critical to its success.  Advisors may provide a design using the plants in the plant list so that the end result is harmonious, sustainable and beautiful.  A design would also ensure proper spacing between plants and incorporate hardscape features such as paths, raised beds, patios, etc.  Depending on the size and need of the client, what's provided to the client might be a hand-drawn sketch or a Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing.

Plant Shopping – Garden centers can be an intimidating place, with oceans of plants and no easy signs to follow.  Yard advisors act as a guide to show different plants given what a homeowner is looking for.   Yard advisor might also place plant orders on behalf of clients through YardPanel's wholesaler accounts.  It's like a personal shopping assistant, only it's for plants.

On-site Planting or Maintenance – We all know that planting is more than just digging a hole, and sometimes showing is better than telling.  Clients may need help with the actual planting, and later on, maintenance of their garden.  Advisors may travel (you decide how far) to help on-site to plant a garden, make a window box, provide periodic maintenance, etc.

How do I get a project?

1. Sign Up - We just need some essentials like your contact info and zip code and will reach out to get your garden profile set up.  

2. Create a garden profile – Tell us about you and your garden!  What are you most interested in doing?  Do you have any areas of specialization?  What type of help would you like to offer?  The more details, the better chances of a perfect match.  

3. Communicate – Clients will reach out with inquiries so the more responsive you are, the better a project will go.  YardPanel will also actively look for clients on your behalf, acting as your personal  marketing team.

How does payment work?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do what you enjoy the most.  Handling payment is probably not one of them, so we take care of it.

When a project comes in, YardPanel takes payment into escrow so you know the funds are available.  After project completion, YardPanel will cut you a check, direct deposit the funds, or PayPal the balance to you.

How do I place a wholesale plant order?

It's simple, you just order off of the advisors-only YardPanel wholesale online shop.  Orders placed by 2pm EST the day before will get delivered the next day.  Or, you can also tell us a specific delivery window and we'll make it happen!  If there's anything you want that's not there, please let us know and we'll find it for you with another supplier. 

What's the difference between YardPanel wholesale online shop and retail or online mail order websites?

Typical retail shops charge retail prices that help to pay for their staffing and rent costs.  YardPanel sources directly from the wholesaler, many of which supply those same retail shops.  Since we don't have overhead for rent and we go directly to the wholesaler, our prices are lower than retail for the same plant.

Online websites are often run by large commercial growers located in Oregon, Florida, California, etc.  Since shipping costs are calculated by weight, distance and speed, mail order websites typically ship smaller plants over Ground, which takes longer to get to you, sometimes as long as 1 week.  Given the weather conditions during transit, these small plants often arrives stressed and take longer to establish.

YardPanel delivers directly from local wholesale growers, meaning our plants are larger and arrive sooner than mail order and at a price that is lower than retail, saving you time and money.  In addition, because YardPanel plants come from local growers, they are already conditioned to the local climate and adjusts to your garden much faster than mail order.