Is this for you?

We believe that the smaller the space, the more important design becomes, because every little thing counts in a small space.

YardPanel is here to provide homeowners of small outdoor spaces with affordable and practical design. If you are currently working in the industry as a landscape designer or have been certified through programs such as the Master Gardener Program, we would love to talk with you!

Here are top reasons why our designers love working with YardPanel:



Set your own hours and rates. Whether it’s a few hours a week or closer to full-time, we can find projects that fit with your preferences as well as availability.

Choose your own projects. You may prefer designing hardscape, water features or native gardens. Whatever it is, there is someone looking for your talents.


Working with YardPanel is like having your own marketing and backoffice rolled into one. This means we handle client negotiations, contracts and payments so you can focus on doing what you enjoy doing the most… design!

For each project, YardPanel provides tools and templates to organize client photos, measurements and notes so you don’t have to start from scratch.

YardPanel also providesquality installation based on your designs so your clients can see their garden come to life.



The diverse talents of our designers are reflected in the YardPanel community. We help each other with challenging plant cases, completing a big project, and tips on the latest tools and products.

Whether you are looking to develop your horticultural knowledge or flex your design muscles, getting feedback and support has never been easier.